Announcing Uniswap V3 on Optimism

Almost two years ago at DEVCON V in 2019, we collaborated with Uniswap to build Unipig Exchange, the first-ever demo of Optimistic Rollup.

Though just a proof of concept, it was a hit and started our journey towards building a general purpose solution that could scale any smart contract. Now, several mainnet deployments, several hundred thousand transactions and what feels like several lifetimes later, we’ve come full circle!

Today, the biggest dApp on Ethereum goes optimistic.

This is a chance for us to test the protocol in a controlled environment where we can prioritize user safety on novel software. Starting today, anybody can deposit, trade and provide liquidity using Uniswap V3 on OΞ. This does not mean that it’s time to ape in — in fact, we have explicit safeguards in place to prevent usage from skyrocketing — but it’s a next step we couldn’t be more excited to share!

First, let’s take a look at all the work done in the last 6 months that has made this possible:

Since we last launched…

Redesigned token bridge:

Infrastructural integrations:

The Graph
Coinbase Wallet
Imtoken wallet

Now before getting into how you can use Uniswap, be sure to understand the following information:

Important to know:


Potential for Unplanned Downtime

Future Planned Downtime

How to use it

Wowie zowie! How fast ;)

If you encounter any bugs, or have any questions please feel free to hit up #support in the Optimism discord.

What’s Next

  1. Validating system stability & accompanying bug fixes.
  2. Ramping up the TPS constraint as we gain confidence in stability.
  3. Preparing Optimistic Ethereum for open deployment.

We originally planned to enable arbitrary contract deployment later this month. Although we’re itching to flip the switch, we’ve decided against dropping all controls right out the gate. Instead, we’ll be keeping a liberal whitelist where any project that demonstrates responsible test coverage and a functioning Kovan deployment will be able to deploy. Information on requirements for whitelisting & updated integration documentation will be published in the coming weeks after the Uniswap deployment stabilizes. We are thankful and humbled by the community’s eagerness, but we must balance this with system security and stability with each new wave of usage.

With this release, we’ll also be making a firm push to share more frequent updates. It’s easy to get so focused on building and neglect sharing the incredible wins and progress we’re making beyond those who follow our github. Monday will mark the first release of the Highly Optimistic Dev Blog, a bi-weekly series sharing our latest updates, milestones, and accomplishments.

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Gratitude & Shoutouts

Thanks to everyone in the community who helped along the way to our redesigned token bridging system, including the ETH magicians, Chris Kaczor, Kristijan Rebernišak, transmissions11, Alejandro Santander, David Mihal, Pete Kim.

On security, much gratitude to Protolambda, Sam Sun and Yoav Weiss for their sharp eyes and sharper brains. Thanks also to Scopelift and Georgios Konstantopoulos for their work in bringing this integration over the line!

And last but not least, we are so grateful to the Uniswap team for embarking on crazy experiments & pushing forward the cutting edge with us.

Uniswap and Optimism team members wearing the Uniswap launch tshirt
Uniswap and Optimism team members wearing the Uniswap launch tshirt

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