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There’s so much interesting work happening in the universe of Optimistic Ethereum that we often forget to take a moment to tell the world what we’ve been up to. We’ve heard from a lot of you that you’d like to get a more detailed view into the inner workings of Optimistic Ethereum and the people who help make it a reality. As a result, we’re launching a dev blog where the people working on Optimistic Ethereum write about the ideas and challenges they tackle on a daily basis. We aren’t enforcing any particular style…

Note: The Optimism team has long been in search of a solution on how to sustainably fund public goods, and we now have the structure of our first experiment thanks to a brilliant design by Vitalik Buterin. This post is a collaboration with Vitalik as a guest author in section 2.

It’s insanely hard to build an ambitious project with no business model. It’s hard to get funding, to hire the best, and to persist through the hardships and obstacles of creating something great.

Startups are notoriously difficult challenges even with ample investment funding: the majority fail. But they have…

Almost two years ago at DEVCON V in 2019, we collaborated with Uniswap to build Unipig Exchange, the first-ever demo of Optimistic Rollup.

As an Ethereum L2 at the tail end of a major L1 gas crisis, our most frequently asked questions are:

  1. How cheap ($) will transactions be on Optimistic Ethereum?
  2. What will determine transaction costs on Optimistic Ethereum?

Unsurprisingly, these answers are fundamentally related. In this post, we’re going to tackle question #1, sharing concrete figures for what fees users can expect in the near term. Question #2 is a bit more involved — we’ll be sharing more in an upcoming Part 2.

Our system currently reduces baseline user transaction costs by ~10x-50x. …

Today we’re stoked to unveil optimistic.etherscan.io, our collaboration with Etherscan, the premier block explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum.

With the Etherscan integration, Optimistic Ethereum users will be able:

  • Monitor deposits and withdrawals
  • Complete withdrawals on L1 (coming soon!)
  • View when L2 transactions are pre-confirmed by the sequencer and when they have been posted and finalized in batches on L1
  • Verify and publish the source code of OVM-compiled contracts

Etherscan is the unsung hero of blockchain usability. They’re a team of OGs that have been working through bull and bear markets continuously for the last 6 years to empower individuals…

Yeeting the timeline. Together.

Earlier this month, we announced that we’d be making a mad dash to a wide open public mainnet, with arbitrary contract deployment. Gas prices were at an all time high and we felt overwhelming pressure to charge to mainnet as quickly as possible.

Since the initial announcement, we’ve received an enormous amount of feedback from the community. The expedited timeline took most projects by surprise and we did not give ample notice for our community to prepare for launch. We were overeager to give everyone the speed & cost savings that Synthetix users have been enjoying(~$10.1…

This is a long overdue post to announce the incredible additions we have made to the team. We closed a round of funding in November led by a16z with a meaty re-up of their optimistic supply from Paradigm. This cash has allowed us to quickly scale up with the brightest minds and sharpest operators in the space.

As a result of being able to hire this kind of talent, we will be launching arbitrary contract deployment on mainnet in March instead of public testnet!! Details to come soon.

We’re hiring now — if you’re anything like these folks below, we…

A defense-in-depth approach to mainnet.

A magical pig walking into the dark forest, protected by a rainbow horn.
A magical pig walking into the dark forest, protected by a rainbow horn.
A magical pig walking into the dark forest, protected by a rainbow horn.

Ethereum is at an unprecedented moment in its history — there has never been more usage, more excitement, or more value created. Last year, cumulative transaction fees surpassed Bitcoin, and today, Ethereum remains the top dawg in terms of daily transaction fee revenue. Usage of decentralized apps like Uniswap has eclipsed their centralized counterparts despite these soaring fees.

The demand for Ethereum has been undeniably insane, and the adoption is so exciting to see, but it drives home the importance of scalability in making Ethereum usable by the masses. For the last year, we have…

Holy shit, what a year.

When the pandemic swept across the world, most of the team was already living in the same apartment. Wake up. Work. Sleep.

Every morning started with the solo mechanical patter of Mark’s Thinkpad and the whir of Ben grinding coffee. Evenings were usually dominated by the wall-shaking thud of Kevin and Karl doing jump squats on the roof. On Saturdays, there was a choice of joining Kelvin in playing expert level Rocket League, or trash talking enemy Halo teams with Jing.

Our compiler hero

Things haven’t been perfect — building an effective & cohesive team…

“I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling verifiers!”

OPEN TO ALL: Welcome to the final phase of the Optimistic Ethereum testnet! Follow our step by step guide to proving fraud and win a reward for contributing to the security of L2! If you’re new here, you can check out our testnet announcement to learn about the previous phases.

In the coming days, we will intentionally commit fraud on our testnet and you — yes, you! — have the chance to be the 1-of-N keeping our chain secure. Your level of technical ability doesn’t matter — setting up a verifier is super easy. Read on to follow our step…

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